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    Build is getting failed

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      Am customization the some assets in Adobe Flash builder and trying to build the package. but build is getting failed. Below is errors




          [mxmlc] Loading configuration file C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builde

      r 4.5\sdks\4.5.0\frameworks\flex-config.xml

          [mxmlc] Adobe Flex Compiler (mxmlc)

          [mxmlc] Version 4.5.0 build 20967

          [mxmlc] Copyright (c) 2004-2011 Adobe Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.


          [mxmlc] command line: Error: configuration variable 'runtime-shared-library-

      path' value contains unknown token 'flex.sdk.version'


          [mxmlc] Use 'mxmlc -help' for information about using the command line.


      C:\Users\Desktop\Adobe ES4\CorrespondenceManagementSolutionTemplate\Crea

      teCorrespondence\build.xml:63: mxmlc task failed.