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    Bug report: After paste settings photo is not updated with new settings applied


      Once again I'm reporting a bug in LR5 & LR CC regarding not applying a develop.settings when paste settings on new raw file.


      • Windows 7 x64
      • This happens in LR5 and the latest LR CC
      • Nikon D800 NEF files (could be a reason of a bug - large RAWs)
      • does not happen each time, but randomly


      1. CTRL+SHIFT+C - copy settings
      2. move forward one image
      3. CTRL+SHIFT+V - paste settings
      4. new line "Paste Settings" is created in History panel, but no settings are applied (all develop values remains same like before paste)
      5. image is not updated
      6. when I press hotkeys for UNDO+REDO, settings are copyied and image is updated to the new develop settings correctly


      So, this means there is a 100% bug regarding this issue, because LR register action "paste settings" in History panel, but do not paste settings for real. Please correct your software, as I'm paying for and I'm upset with this bug! Last time no one from Adobe responsed to my bug report, so I hope now I will get proper feedback!


      Please improve testing your software and please consolidate number of Adobe websites requiring Adobe ID to ONE WEBSITE, as it is really pain to log in multiple times with Adobe ID when accessing your websites.


      Thank you!