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    Lots of bugs with all recent versions of After Effects


      I have the same issues with CS6, CC 2014, CC 2015 (all as trials)


      I cannot open files, When I press Open or ctrl+O, nothing happens, no error message, no window to allow for opening

      I cannot save files, When I press Save As or Ctrl+S, nothing happens either.

      When I go to render, the "Output To:" bit says "Not yet specified" When I double click it, The whole thing crashes...

      Gyazo - 7fd95125c6d241bc7d0b27049fc6e1c1.gif 

      Gyazo - 5f988fb3256d19d26fd3cb58631651cb.gif

      Above are GIFs showing the errors/bugs.



      Windows 7 Home Premium

      AMD FX 6300 4.00 GHz

      16gb Ram

      64 Bit


      I have tried uninstalling each product and deleting all stuff like preferences, but get the same issue when I re-install. I have also tried running as Admin and changing permissions, still no Luck...