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    Contribute 3 and Dreamweaver 8 Connection Issues


      I'm having issues finalizing my site definition at the "Contribute" stage in Dreamweaver.
      When I test the connection from Dreamweaver's "Remote Info" stage, Dreamweaver successfully connects to the main directory: " http://domain.edu" (domain.edu), where I upload files to the main site (not connected to Contribute), but I want to connect contribute to a mini site in a subdirectory of the main site - " http://domain.edu/folder/folder". I'm stuck at the point where I click "Administer Site in Contribute" in the "Site Definition" dialog box. This is the first time I've set up a site in Dreamweaver with Contribute compatibility and a remote connection, so I have not run into this before.

      Everything was going fine until the "Contribute" panel.

      The Site root URL in the dialog box originally pointed to the index file of the existing mini site sitting on the server: " http://domain.edu/folder/folder/index.htm".

      When I click the "Test" button, I keep getting the error message:
      "Dreamweaver could not connect to the remote server... Please fix the remote connection before continuing"

      So, I changed the Site root URL to point to the root folder of the mini site:" http://domain.edu/folder/folder/index.htm"

      Then I got this error message:
      "Dreamweaver could not find a page at the specified site root URL"

      I changed it back to the original URL and went back to the "Remote Info" dialog. I thought that maybe the problem was that I was supposed to change the host directory to "domain/folder/folder" (from "domain") to reflect the exact folder that the mini site was stored in, but when I did, I got an access denied error.

      I am at a complete loss, please help...

      I am using:
      Dreamweaver 8
      Contribute 3
      Windows XP

      Has anyone gotten an answer to this problem? I have seen many threads in both the Dreamweaver and Contribute forums, but nothing looked like a solution or explanation of why this occurs. Please Help. I would like to use this tool throughout our college campuses, but I am loosing faith in this product. I know that If I'm having trouble, novice users will completely reject this technology...


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          That's odd. I'm trying to diagnose a Contribute4 problem, and I installed Dreamweaver8 to see how it compared. While I can't get Contribute to connect at all, Dreamweaver worked fine. The 'test' button did not work for me either. I suspect that it's attempting to open multiple connections to my server. I just continued on and was able to upload a file. Unfortunately, I can't to the same with Contribute since the connection wizard doesn't prompt for the content location. It appears to assume that the user's home directory is web accessible.
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            ejenkins01 Level 1

            My connection in Dreamweaver also functions fine when it connects to the main directory, but I need to connect to a sub-directory (domain/folder/folder) within the main site (It still doesn't work when I try to connect to the main site in DW and Contribute). I got a permissions related error message when I changed the Host Directory to the exact path in both dialog boxes. Is this a permissions related issue? Do I need to get specific permissions to access this sub folder remotely (even though I can already access the parent folder)?

            I also am experiencing an issue with sending a Connection Key to recipients (on a test site running locally). The .stc file never attaches to the message and I get the following error:

            "There was an error attaching .stc. Please check if you have access to the file"

            I have circumvented this issue by saving it to my harddrive, but I am concerned about this problem. Any ideas what the cause could be?


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              ejenkins01 Level 1
              OK, Now I'm REALLY confused ...

              I gave up on trying to connect Contribute to my website through Dreamweaver. I figured I'd go back to Contribute and see if I could get the connection directly from Contribute. Somehow, It worked. I think I went to Edit > My Connections > Create... > and entered my FTP information and it worked! I still cannot connect through DW however.

              So far, this has allowed me to continue with setting up this site with Contribute. I'm still really confused as to what the problem is with Dreamweaver and Contribute working together.

              I'm going to go back and make sure that I can repeat whatever I did to get it working. The only thing worse than not being able to get something to work is stumbling upon the solution and not knowing how you did it

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                Hey everybody,

                I'm having the same problem trying to set up my site in the Contribute panel. I've done exactly as Ena has done. I agree -- I looked in the Dreamweaver forum and this has been an issue for years.

                SOMEone must have figured it out. I'll keep looking for any answer --

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                  scaramia Level 1
                  Well, I tried from another computer and for some reason the Remote Info panel had different data when I opened the DW file. The host directory was 'webroot/' -- it wasn't at home. Both settings uploaded just fine, but CT didn't, like one. (!!??)

                  I was able to set up my client and we're good to go.

                  Good luck!