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    [BUG 2015.0] Multiline textfields gets a "zero-width space (&#8203)" injected

    abnesher Level 1

      Hi there,


      First of all: Thx for the text-field update! Much needed indeed


      A client of mine just found a bug though, that makes it impossible for me to use textfields in 2015.0.


      Upon putting multiple lines of text into a new textfield, Edge Animate will inject a hidden zero-width space. A "&#8203" to be exact. Now, you can't see this injection in your workspace, nor can you see it in the _edge.js file.


      My client uses IE11 (yea, I know) and the only reason she noticed the bug, is that her browser can't display a zero-width space so instead displays "​". The weird thing is that the only place where I can spot the "&#8203"-entity is in Chrome Developer Tools. The IE and Firefox inspector won't show the entity at all.


      So to sum up:

      Everytime I insert multiline text in 2015.0 a hidden "&#8203"-entity will be injected in the text. Most browsers will ignore the entity, but not my clients IE11 (my IE11 doens't show the bug, but her definately does).

      Here are some screenshots. The bug is easy to replicate, but you might have trouble getting the character-error in IE11. Try checking the Chrome Developer Tools, and see if you can spot the entity.