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    Temperature slider lags when Dehaze slider is bumped up


      I recently got the update to Lightroom CC which adds the amazing 'Dehaze' slider under the effects section in develop module. It works perfectly fine. However, I found a hitch connected to the 'Dehaze' slider. When I try to shift the temperature of the image, while Dehaze is shifted to the right, lightroom showed a brief lag every time I did it. At first I thought maybe the application is overloaded coz I work on 1000+ images in one sitting, but later I found out, if the Dehaze is at default, the lag wouldn't be there for the same image I was working on. Guess adobe needs to provide a fix for this.


      I have been using lightroom for a long time now and have not such an issue in past, infact I hardly came across any issues. I love this product of adobe, it makes my work so much easy.