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    Indesign 5.5 printing issues


           I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge of Indesign. I really do not know much about using the product. However, I am in the IT department of my company and our graphic artists are having an issue printing documents created in Indesign. It is Version 5.5 and most are using Windows 7 PCs with 8 GB of RAM. This issue has been occurring for some time. We recently installed a new printer for them, not because of this problem, but we hoped things would improve with the new machine. If someone could educate me on the process and tell me if the behavior is normal, I would appreciate it. Here is what is happening:

           The artist creates a document in Indesign. She wants to print out a proof to show her manager. (I guess this is what is called a Hard proof??) The file size of the document is 45MB. The final product is a color booklet, 140 pages long. She goes to print it on her department's printer, a server based, network attached Kyocera Task Alpha 4551ci (has latest the driver and using KPDL which supposedly is Kyocera's version of Postscript - based on Kyocera support's recommendation). The spooling process begins and the document begins "flattening". The flattening process usually takes a while but it varies by the printer and the PC being used. On her PC the flattening quits at what appears to be about half way complete. If you check the print queue at this point you see the file growing in size up to over 2GB. The process hangs there and the job must be canceled. We've tried to print the same document on a very similar PC and the same thing happens. I tried to print it from my PC (I do not have Indesign) and the flattening completes but the booklet only prints up to page 58 and stops with no errors reported, and it took about 1 hour to get there. One time, on her PC, I tried printing to to the printer called "Adobe PDF" first. This process created a PDF file which I then was able to print successfully. I suggested to the graphic artist that she use this method but she maintains that she should not have to take this preliminary step and should be able to print it directly from the proof.

           So, is this behavior normal with a document of this type and size? What suggestion can I make to help them print the document successfully and expeditiously?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          InDesign's direct print capabilities are notoriously bad, especially with postscript clones. Your people would do much better to export to PDF and print from Acrobat, and that has the advantage as well of using the same file that would go to the commercial printer, so the proof is more reliable.