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    Adobe doenst let me upgrade my lightroom 5 stand alone to 6 because i live in the Caribbean, where i can buy the upgrade to the stand alone version


      I have a copy that i buy from B&H of adobe lightroom 5 stand alone, now i want to purchase the Upgrade from Adobe to lightroom 6 stand alone, and i found out because i live in the Caribbean Adobe doesn't let me do it, they neither Adobe or B&H inform me before i purchase the 5 that because i live here i never can upgrade the software. I contact both companies, Adobe tell me B&H can sell me the soft, and B&H are telling me they can't. So now I'm in the middle of this 2 big companies that no one of they help me to buy the upgrade.

      Someone knows is another reseller can sell the upgrade from lightroom 5 to 6 stand alone?