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    Playing local video crashes on Windows Projector


      Hello, I am creating a presentation of sorts that has some animated frames I can click forward through. Then nested within those frames is a MovieClip that points to a local flv that plays in the middle of my presentation. I am building on a Mac and when I create the projectors I end up with a file structure like this:


      Main Folder:





      The fla file I am working in has the video.flv at the same level so the source path in Flash just says "video.flv".

      The Presentation.app runs just fine on my Mac, however, when I move the "Main Folder" over to a Windows machine for testing Presentation.exe crashes/closes about 60% of the time as soon as it reaches the frame that has the video playing.


      I am pretty new to Flash and am not sure why I get this behavior. Hopefully someone has seen this before and can help?