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    VerifyError: Error #1020 - When using native extension (ane)


      Hello, I am having an issue getting an iOS ane to work, the end result being this when ran on a device:

      typecheck global$init()

        outer-scope = null

                             [global~] {} ()

      VerifyError: Error #1020: Code cannot fall off the end of a method.

      This error is throw before the application starts.

      About the ane: This is an ane to facilitate logging into Dropbox, this code is not mine but i am attempting to update it to the new 64-bit ios requirements. I have the original native and as3 code and have recompiled the ane to what i think is a working ane. I have used the ane (pre-compiled by the original devs) without issues.


      If I remove all references to the ane the core application runs fine. So I am confident there is an issue with the ane code, I am just not sure where, I have not changed any as3 or native code, just simply modified the architecture types in the xcode build settings. I have looked at the as3 libray code and don't see anywhere the code would be falling through.


      This is my first foray into working with native extension at this level and I am not sure what to look at to resolve this error. Any help would be appreciated greatly!