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    Elements 13 giving me trouble in RAW

    greg livaudais

      I'm trying to edit RAW files from a Nikon D810, supported by Elements 13.

      I've installed Elements 13 on 2 laptops and having nothing but trouble. On my first laptop I had an easy install; Windows 8. When I went to use the program I got an Update Available message with option to install now or install on exit. I did the 'Install Now' option. Now every time I open the program I get this message and no matter what option I take it results in an error. It doesn't stop me from working, but it is a pain every time I go to use the program.


      So I tried installing on my other laptop; Windows 7. Installed easy. I go to use it and I don't get the message to install updates. The troubles I'm having are:

      1) When editing RAW files, when I use the Luminance on an image I then lose the use of the other editing tools. I have to exit the program and open it again to finish editing image.

      2) After editing 3 or 4 RAW images I get a message that I can not OPEN it because there is not enough RAM memory. But if I exit the program and re-edit the image I am able to Open it.


      Is there a fix for these problems?



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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          What's the reference for the error message?


          Wish I could help but I don't use Elements 13 offhand.


          Where RAM's concerned, how much do you have in your system? What's the resolution of the D810's images? 35+ Megapixels? Those are pretty big. (50+ MB file size each if my math is correct.) That could cause problems especially if you have them open all at once with a lower amount of RAM.