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    Preloader for external images

      Hi All,

      I need some help on Flash Preloader for runtime image download.

      Actullay I am working on a interactive Flash Image Gallery with PHP. A Admin panel is controlling the images e.g. add, delete and modify. Admin can set the priority of images and other type functionalities, but Front-end will be Flash. So I am using the Flash preloader for runtime images. image resource is php file, which is providing the images through the variables and array. I am using [loadVariablesNum("src.php", 0)] on _root.
      locally it is runing perfect but when I upload the flash file on server, it's preloader shows the preloading but image downloading is not working. It means preloader is working only for flash file not for runtime images. how can I setup these functionalities, please help me, waiting for right directions. It is very important for me. PLEASE HELP ME, HELP ME!!!.


      Pawan Singh