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    Fonts not appearing as expected in iBooks.

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      I exported an ePub from an InDesign file (children's book) as a reflowable ePub, and I selected ePub 3 (instead of ePub 2). I thought, since ePubv 3 is now becoming the rule and ePub 2 is on he way out, might as well start now, even if that ePub didn't contain stuff that need ePub 3 to work.


      But validation showed so many problems, that I decided to revert manually to ePub 3 in editing the content.opf file. Since then, I passed validation no problem, but the font that I embedded don't show in iBooks anymore!


      I tried to compare the content file with another that work, but I can't see what would be missing.


      Anyone can help?


      Thanks a lot, I am trying to avoid re-doing the whole thing...