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    Panels disappear when Application Frame turned off


      I've had this issue ever since I upgraded to CC. CS6 worked fine, but when I jumped to CC suddenly I had to change my working habits to accommodate. I hate having Application Frame turned on for Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop. Since that is a default now, I usually turn it off right after the update. The problem is that shortly after I do that, my panels on the right disappear completely and the only way to get them to show up is to turn Application Frame back on. The panels act like they are visible, but if I hide and then show them, nothing happens. I only have the one monitor too. I couldn't get around it with Illustrator and Photoshop using CC and CC 2014, but with the most recent update, I now must have Application Frame turned on while working in InDesign too.


      I have no clue what to do to fix this. I work off of a mac and have all my apps/software up to date. I have had this issue with both an iMac and Mac Pro.


      Has anyone else had this issue? Is there no hope of fixing it?


      Any insight would be super helpful.