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    sAIDocumentList->New error in CC 2015




      I am calling sAIDocumentList->New from a Cocoa plug-in, compiled with the latest CC 2014 SDK... this is on OS X 10.9 and 10.10.


      This API works fine in CC 2014, and it also works fine in the same plug-in for CC (compiled with the CC SDK).  Since there's no SDK for CC 2015 yet, I assume we have to use the latest CC 2014 SDK to compile our plug-ins... but this does not work as expected.


      When I call that API in CC 2015, it returns the 'CANT' error.  I'd never seen this before -- I've tried changing the parameters to sAIDocumentList->New in several ways, but I always get the same error.  It seems the plug-in simply cannot create a new document.


      This API has been working fine for me since CC -- any ideas as to what might've changed in CC 2015...?