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    I have an Indesign document with several hundred hyperlinks and I can click on hyperlinks and nothing happens, or it gets very slow and crashes


      I have well over 400 hyperlinks in a cookbook I'm working on.  However, when I click Hyperlinks to open the menu it stalls, runs very slow and crashes.

      I cannot update my hyperlinks.


      I started off using Indesign 2014, but then when I noticed all the slowness of the hyperlinks issue, I had to save this down to IDML and open in CS5.5 to add the hyperlinks. 

      But now I've moved it back to Indesign 2015 and cannot edit the hyperlinks without it crashing or stalling.


      I really don't want to put it back in CS5.5 because it changed some of my placement of headers, etc.


      I've tried it on 2 different windows PC's, both have over 8gb of RAM.  Both have the same results. Slow, slow, slow.