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    Lightroom 5//previews//VSCO//mac pro//preview whole set


      I use lightroom 5 with the VSCO plug-in to do a treatment on all the photos in my folders. When I use develop settings to paste the VSCO treatment on the raw files, the preview takes a long time to load. If I look at the process in grid view I can see lightroom making the adjustments for just the photos on my screen. When I scroll down in grid view all the photos that were not on my screen start getting processed with the VSCO treatment.


      Is there any way I can have lightroom process all the VSCO previews for the whole batch? As of right now lightroom will only process whats on my screen and waits for me to scroll down to process the rest of them.



      I am running lightroom 5 on a 2010 mac pro,quad core, 12gb ram. Most of my shoots (folders) imported are 1k- 2.5k images big.


      Also, I am going to be upgrading my machine to either a maxed retina iMac 5k or a six core mac pro. Which one will be better for lightroom?