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    After effects cashed more than 20 times today every time I render to preview a section, help?




      I am using AE CC and working on a project that didn't seem to have any problems until I opened it once on a Mac as was abroad and now back on pc and its crashing non-stop every time I render a small section to preview. Unfortunately I use sound, as working on a tutorial and need to sync. At first I thought it was a sound issue, for some reason I  has sound in .mp4 format. I realized that this could be the problem and converted all sounds to .aiff (but got same issue) then converted all to .WAV, I am still having the same problem. So perhaps its not  a sound issue but something else? No QT files in there either. Last times I had an issue like that was because of the MP3s and QT files, but now I can't pin point what the problem is, any tips on what it could be?


      Specs: Windows 7, Dell 2 Processors X5670 @ 2.93GHz, 2.93Ghz, RAM 32 GB.