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    Stock Photo Pixel Dimensions: Info MISSING?

    DrStrik9 Level 4

      As long-time stock users, part of our purchasing criteria is to know the EXACT PIXEL DIMENSIONS of each stock shot. This information is not provided at Adobe Stock, making it highly improbable that we would ever use this service.


      All it says at Adobe Stock Help | Common Questions is:

      "All Adobe Stock content is provided at its highest available resolution. While this resolution depends on the camera used to originally capture the image, most of the content can accommodate high-quality printed output up to 300 dpi. Vector files can be printed in all formats without loss in quality."


      This information is vague and honestly, inadequate. For instance, what if the original (raster) shot is only 3" x 4" @ "300 dpi"? -- This would be unusable for us in most situations.


      Adobe Stock should know better than to give such limited information. Please include the exact pixel dimensions of each shot, PRIOR TO PURCHASE.


      I understand this is a new service from Adobe, but seriously ... I highly recommend that Adobe Stock take a close look at the purchase/download procedure at Shutterstock.com, to evaluate how to best offer technical info about stock photos to knowledgeable customers.