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    Buffering Problem, 2nd Request

      I posted this yesterday on the general board but did not get a response. I’m hoping someone here can help me out. I am having problems with playback. To see my test file go to http://coolcoloradohomes.com/test.html
      I have a flv file which I converted from wmv format with Flash Video Encoder. I imported it into Flash Pro V. 8 as a video clip. It is about 12 Meg in size. Then I exported it and loaded it onto my website as a progressive download with Dreamweaver. When I play it back sometimes it plays all the way through perfectly several times in a row. Then the next time it stops part way through. When testing, before I play it back I clear out my temporary cache files for my local computer. From the timeline in the skin below the video it appears that the buffer loads part way and then stops for some reason. When it first starts running it appears that the buffer is filling at a faster rate than the playback is running. (I’m assuming that the darkening line is an actual representation of how much the buffer is filling. Please correct me if that’s not a correct assumption.) When the playback catches up to where the buffer stopped, the playback stops. Is there some way to prevent the buffer from stopping. Or if that’s not an option, is there a way to get it to resume filling before the playback catches up to it. I’ve tried 3 different computers at our office with similar results. It stops at random places which vary each time it’s run. It even stops at different points on the same computer. I’ve spent several days online searching manuals and forums trying to overcome this without success. The current buffer is set to 10 with the component inspector of Flash. I’ve experiment with settings ranging from .1 to 30 with similar results. I’ve noticed that the shorter buffer I try the less the image jerks around when it first begins to play. I’d like to continue with the autorun if possible, but if there is a better solution I’m open to trying anything. I’m guessing I’ll have to do something with actionscripts but have not learned how to do that yet. I'm willing to learn if that's what it takes. Does setting the buffer time work better when doing it with actionscripts than it does when using the component inspector or do they both do the same thing? I need something that runs reliably. People who are listing homes with me do not want their virtual tour to stop half way through. Can anyone point me in the right direction? The other tours on our CoolColoradoHomes.com site are contracted with a company that’s using Flash. I’d like to do my own so I can add voice description as well as zoom and pan in the directions I want. Being able to do so will enable me to highlight what I want rather than just being robotic.
      Wayne Vogt