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    Adobe InDesign CC 2015 not handling Illustrator .eps file properly

    JohnnyVegas70 Level 1

      I just updated my computer at work yesterday with the new CC 2015 apps. Today, I noticed an issue in InDesign when I placed an Illustrator .eps file. It's a file I use all the time when I output files on our Epson printer for various departments for sign off on the proofs. Never had this issue until the latest update. When I place the .eps file into InDesign, it looks ok. granted the preview is quite lo-res, but you can see all the type is there like it is in the file. But when I create a PDF file from InDesign, all the text in the file disappears. In InDesign, if I turn on Overprint Preview, I notice the type disappears also. I tried to re-save the Illustrator file, thinking maybe saving it with the new version of Illustrator would do the trick, but it didn't. I then saved the Illustrator file as a .ai file. Now it works just fine. It previews in InDesign correctly and looks correct when I make a PDF file. I'm attaching 2 screen shots of the file, one showing how it looks in InDesign with the Overprint Preview on (Also how it looks when I make the PDF File), and the 2nd showing how it looks with Overprint Preview off in InDesign. The top image in both screen shots is as a .eps file and the bottom image is as a .ai file.


      Anyone have any ideas what's going on? I'm hoping this isn't an issue that's going to occur with every .eps file that's placed in InDesign, as a lot of the jobs I get here at work have Illustrator .eps files placed.


      Appreciate any thoughts or ideas on this matter!




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