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    Why won't my Nik Filter Plugins work in LRCC 2015

    macuser48 Level 1

      I was trying to do a 5-image HDR using HDR Efex Pro 2 and it would not work.  When I went to the Plugin Manager, there was a phrase, "This plugin is installed, but has encountered some problems."  I didn't find that statement helpful towards resolving my problems.  Some of my friends tell me that they've not had any problems with the LRCC 2015 upgrade.  I'm running a Mac desktop with the latest Yosemite OS X.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I have LR-CC 2015 in WIndows-7. I updated 'All' just yesterday. (LR-cc, PS-2015, Bridge)

          All my Nik Collection programs are installed under the preferences "External Editors" tab.

          I do not have anything in the "File > Plugins" menu.

          After this recent update they continued to show and work from the "Edit-In" right-click menu.

          And they open ultra-fast! yes I mean FAST!

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            sduck409 Level 1

            Had the same problem here. Sent a report to Nik. Finally got a reply this evening, with a fix. Not sure if I'm supposed to share this, but I will anyway - here's what they sent -



            1. Make sure Lightroom is closed.
            2. Copy the link below and paste it into your web browser.
            3. On the webpage, press Cmd + S to download the file.




            1. The newly downloaded file is called HEP2-Manual-Mac.-LR.zip. Double click that file, and a new file will be created called, HDREfexPro2.lrplugin. Move the file to your Desktop.
            2. From the Finder, hold down the Option key on your keyboard and choose Go > Library at the top of the screen.





            1. Navigate to Application Support : Adobe : Lightroom.
            2. Locate and open the "Modules" folder. If you do not have a “Modules” folder, please create a new folder and title it "Modules."
            3. Move the HDREfexPro2.lrplugin file from step 4 to the “Modules” folder.
            4. Relaunch Lightroom.  You should now be able to access the HDR Efex Pro 2


            My notes on this: it works. Sort of. You want to be moving that file into the library in your user folder, not the system library. And you'll be replacing one that's already there. After doing all that, I needed to restart my computer before it worked properly, but it does now. And this is just for HDR Efex Pro 2, not the other nik plugins, which have a different working method, and don't seem to have the same problem. Hope this helps!

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              macuser48 Level 1

              Thanks sduck409.  Your procedures worked and I now have a working HDR Efex Pro 2 in LRCC 2015.  Maybe other Mac users will need this fix.  Thanks in advance also for all of them.