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    Folder Hierarchy lost during move to external hard drive...help!


      Today I attempted to move my master photo library from my iMac drive to an external G-Drive (2TB, USB-3).  I did this within Lightroom, dragging the folders over to the new drive.  It appeared to start okay.   But then I began receiving pop up messages:  "There was an error copying files to the destination you selected.  The following files could not be copied:"  And then listed several hundred photos in each message (1-100, 101-200, etc).


      Then when it completed, I saw that I lost the folder hierarchy.  Before, they were organized in folders by Year, Month, Day.  But now they seem to be mixed up, with MANY folders missing entirely.  All to say, it's a huge mess.  And I don't know, a) what to do about the files that couldn't be copied, and b) how to restore the folders.


      I'm so frustrated, as Adobe made this out to be a very simple task.  What happened and what should I do?