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    Strange footer/100%page width problem


      Hello, I need some help. I am creating a site in Muse 14.3. On my Master I have a header, a footer and a composition widget. Everything looks good in design and preview. Now on my Homepage I add a rectangle and pull it down to move the footer down. That works and in preview it looks good. Now I resize the rectangle to 100% page width. In design view it looks good, but in preview the rectangle content starts to flow over the footer content and a gap starts to appear under my footer. When I resize the rectangle to OVER 100% page width or BELOW 100% page width the foooter looks ok in preview, but the moment I set it ON 100% page width the footer starts to act weird. What is the problem. Thanks for your help. By the way, I had this problem as of this morning in Muse 14.3. In the afternoon I upgraded to Muse 15. Meanwhile I saved the file under a different name. But still the same problem.