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    LR6 issues with interacting with camera

    amien74359731 Level 1

      Hi there

      I've just bought a new computer and joined LR6 through CC. Sometimes when I connect my camera (Canon 5D iii) and go to import it is doing one of 3 things:

      1. will import normally

      2. will show import image thumbnails and then they all disappear after a few seconds

      3. thumbnails stay in grid but when I click import there is an error message (files 0-150 etc can't be read)


      If I get that error message, I can sometimes go back into import, and manually select 2 or 3 photos at a time and they will sometimes import successfully. Other times LR won't even recognise my camera as a source and I have to turn it off and on.


      When I connect my camera to my old computer and import the same photos into LR 5, there is no problem which tells me it's not the camera but more likely my new version of LR or the way it is interacting with my camera.


      My SD cards are probably over a year old but I don't think that would be the issue.


      Importing 200 photos is now taking me 2 hours instead of a couple of minutes!


      Can anyone help????