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    How can I get the the time from a NTP server in JavaScript? Thanks

    nodro Level 1

      Hello I have set up a Adobe JavaScript that will expire after a certain date. However, the script calls upon the time on the computer which can be changed. I thought that maybe I could get the time from a NTP server, NIST, which can't be modified. However, I can't figure out how to call and get the time from NTP server using JavaScript. I heard that JavaScript is client side but there is also a server side as well. Is this possible to code in Adobe Acrobat DC? Also I heard that the OS time is different maybe through Microsoft's server. Could I get the OS time somehow?


      I have already tried ActiveXObject which doesn't seem to work and a desperate try of windows.open("url address"). Any other thoughts on attempts? Thanks alot!!!


      Also any other strategies are welcome to have the correct real time.