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    LR6: After latest update, no sync options at all

    tommys69541988 Level 1

      I just updated to LR CC 2015 and now I can't sync anything to Lightroom mobile.  Here's what's going on:


      • right click on any existing sync'd collection and no sync options appear ("Sync with Lightroom Mobile" or something if I recall should be there)
      • create a new collection, no checkbox for "sync with LR Mobile"

      I tried:

      • Deleting online data from the preference dialog
      • Signing out of LR and all adobe applications, quitting, and signing in again.


      My Lightroom always says "waiting for connection" but it used to connect and sync fine.  Now, it still says "waiting for connection", but it doesn't seem to sync and none of my collections even have the option to sync - the option isn't greyed out, it simply doesn't exist.


      Any help?