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    how to implement a webkit tag in Edge Animate?

    foj Level 1



      I've seen "webkit-playsinline" as a solution to getting the iPhone to play video inline (rather than popping into full-screen, for apps only, I am using PhoneGap the deliver EA as Android and iOS apps).


      I am not a coder and do not understand how to implement this tag within an Edge Aminate project - just to test - can someone please help?


      ( Here is a link on this forum, it has an answer from a staff member with code I don't get, plus the initial code quoted is an odd variant of more commonly quoted usage: How do I add ' controls webkit-playsinline ' to my video in Edge Animate?

      This is a more common exchange: javascript - "webkit-playsinline" video tag attribute - Stack Overflow )


      EA 2014.1.1, Win7.


      Thank you.