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    Can I use Adobe Stock images (under standard license) for blog posts and videogames?




      After reading the license terms and the restrictions that apply to Adobe Stock images, I want to better understand some points before proceeding to subscription:

      1) I have a blog, and I need images (often modified a bit, sometimes original) to illustrate my posts. Is standard license enough to do it without legal issues? Should I mention the author and the source of the image under each one of them or can I just use them with no problem?

      2) I want to create simple videogames, like interactive stories, and I need images. Can I use Adobe Stock images for a similar purpose? What if the images are used in manipulations in order to create new artworks for the game, so that only "pieces" of the original image are included in the final one?


      I thank you in advance for your answer.


      Best Regards,


      Enrico Maria Cestari