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    More installation woes - the MultiFileUpload tutorial

      I've been trying to get Flex and CF running under Apache 2.2 for almost 6 weeks, and the MultiFileUpload tutorial has become one of the 'validators' for me to see if it's actually working. So far, I've had no luck. I am running a completely fresh OS (XP Pro) and the entire system was just setup (I got frustrated and reformatted yet again last night), but upon trying to run MultiFileUpload, I receive error 2049 if I try externally and error 2038 if I try internally. I can't seem to upload anything. I've turned my firewall off the router and XP, I've even set permissions to the entire directory to full for everyone, and I've not enabled sandbox security in CF.

      Am I supposed to be doing anything other than installing the software and going per the tutorial directions on the Adobe site? Is there something that is assumed that I might be unaware of?

      I have ColdFusion accessing MySQL and MS Access with no problems (Mr. Camden's Blog) and the CF samples; I have the free FDS2 accessing the samples properly including the multi-player (hehe) dashboard and the sample crm (installed from this tutorial: http://www.brightworks.com/technology/brightworks_articles/setting_up_a_windows_tomcat_fds _server.html through Tomcat, but I can't get a simple upload to work here through Flex 2. I'm using it as an Eclipse Plug-In, if you have any suggestions, please.

      I am trying to move over from Flash/PHP, not having much luck setting up a server though...

      Any suggestions?