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    Sure Target

    jamesd29825633 Level 1

      Since the 2015 update my sure target has stopped working correctly (it worked fine a week ago when I was using it for work) has this happened to anyone else?


      Basically the text layers either disappear entirely (the outlines are still there but the text disappears) or they don't animate at all. I have tried it in new compositions and existing ones and it just seems to not work. I also have had several error messages. Using the older 1.5 version does seem to work, however, I would much rather use the v2 as it is usually easier

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          NathanClark Level 1

          If I recall correctly, Sure Target depends on applying presets to layers? If so, I think this might be related to a bug I've just discovered with presets. If you have a preset with no keyframes- applying it to a layer should maintain the layer's position/scale/rotation values. In AE 13.5, this doesn't work. I'm pretty sure it's just a bug. I'm going to have to roll back until this is fixed. A lot of my work is automated through presets. I filed a bug with Adobe (see below)



          Concise problem statement: When applying presets, the layer's position/scale/rotation is not maintained

          Steps to reproduce bug:

          1. apply a wiggle(10,10) expression to the position of a layer (Layer 1)

          2. Select Layer 1's position property and save as a preset.

          3. Create a new layer (Layer 2) with a different position value to Layer 1.

          4. Apply the saved preset to Layer 2.

          Results: Layer 2's position will change to that of Layer 1 at the time of preset creation. 

          Expected results: Layer 2 will remain where it is and only the expression will be applied to it's position.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            If there are error messages, you have to post them and also provide exact system info. Beyond that it's probably once more compatibility issues with the new render engine, but more info might help to resolve that as well.



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              adamneer Level 2

              I noticed this even with the latest version of CC2014.  I have an "exploding shards" preset that applies a random wiggle to the position of a layer which is to be controlled by some sliders.  If you apply this preset to a layer with a modified location, it will move the layer to the position of the preset.  What's strange though, is that if you disable the expression, the layer moves back to the position it's supposed to be.  So somehow the expression, which should basically only be telling the layer to move a certain value away from it's origin (value + etc.) is also applying an unchangeable NEW origin.

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                NathanClark Level 1

                Yesterday I rolled back to the latest version of CC2014 and my preset behaviour is back to normal. I recommend @jamesd29825633 use CC2014 until CC2015 is fixed.

                @adamneer What you describe seems to be an issue with the expression in the specific preset you are applying. Feel free to PM if you'd like to troubleshoot further.

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                  jamesd29825633 Level 1

                  Weirdly (I don't know if this will help you) it started sort of working again with a restart of After Effects. It's not perfect still but it is better and does move properly (with some adjustments to the anchor point). Hopefully the bug will be fixed quite quickly, where do I go to report it as well?

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                    adamneer Level 2

                    This is the expression (one of them) that gets applied to the X position when using my preset (I have it set to separate X,Y,Z):



                    value+[wiggle(0,thisComp.layer("Control").effect("Position X")("Slider"))]


                    The same expression (modified to reference "Position Y" or "Position Z") is applied to the other dimensions, as well as a similar expression on the rotation values.  When the preset is used on a layer centered at 960,540,0, it works fine and I can change the layer's position values as if there is not expression and it will still respond properly to the Control layer's sliders.  When I apply the preset to a layer that has been moved already, it moves the layer back to 960,540,0, but the correctly altered position is maintained when I disable the expression.

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                      Gordon Lamb

                      Sure Target seems to have indeed stopped working in CC2015. I'm using the latest version (2) and is absolutely not working. Seems to crash AE as well. There are several posts on the VC site that confirm this. Hoping AK gets a new version up soon as I use this for a lot of projects.

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                        Goodluck H Level 1

                        How do you save that property to preset?