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    Total Novice Rapidly Losing Hair - Can Someone Help?


      Can anyone tell me what I am missing?


      I have spent hours and hours creating my first, simply animation with CS6 and want to include it on a website designed using one of ekm's templates but I can not figure out how to get it to work nor find any help on the subject (ekm do not have any real advice for custom code).


      - I have included the runtime in the site's header

      - I have changed the referencing to point to the correct location of the JS files

      - I have had to upload he 2 files created in the edge_includes folder to the same folder as the other JS files but altered the referencing to these also


      The only thing I can think of is that it can't find the picture files but I can't find any reference to these in the files that are created when you publish.


      Does anyone know whether it is even possible to get this to work on a templated website? Or are all these hours spent trying different permutations a complete waste of time?