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    Different project/layout names like in QuarkXpress?


      I'm in the process of switching from QuarkXpress 8 to Indesign CS6. This process has been fairly pain-free, but there is at least one thing that Quark does that I don't find possible in Indesign, so I'm hoping it's just something I'm not aware of yet.


      In QuarkXpress, I create a new Project and save it as (for example) PROJECT-NAME. But in the Layout properties preferences, I'm able to give the project a "secondary" name, like (for example) LAYOUT-NAME. When I want to save a PDF of the project, I can (via Quark's Preferences) automatically save the PDF as the "secondary" name, so, in my example, the PDF would be saved as "LAYOUT-NAME.pdf."


      Is this possible in Indesign? Of course, the work-around is obvious, but I'm hoping this feature is available in Indesign. After using Quark for over 15 years, I'm a bit spoiled to this. 



      James Bentley


      P.S. Just to be clear, I'm NOT asking about an alternate layout, as in different page sizes, etc.