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    Lost everything on my desktop during installation including Start and icons. Please Help!




      While I was installing Adobe Flash Player, I got the message to close Windows Explorer. Since Explorer was already closed, I followed the instructions to open Task Manager > Processes and I ended or deleted everything relating to Explorer.


      I have now lost Start, the icons and the icons for Explorer and Google Chrome on my desktop screen. The only thing I have left (thank goodness) is my Google Chrome browser is open.


      I went to what I thought was Adobe Flash Player support and called a number. The had me allow remote access and when they told me I'd need a program for $399 to fix the issues, I realized it was a scam. At least I was able to get them to disconnect from the remote access.


      Please not that there was something on the Flash Player screen that a firewall could prevent downloading so I also disabled my firewall and it remains disabled since I no longer have access to it on my screen.

      Please help me.


      Thank you