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    Text inside letter help (After Effects)




      I am sure this problem must have a really simple solution, but I am at my wits end trying to figure it out. I have written a word. I am now filling the letters of that word with other words, so I will end up with one word made up of lots of little words. Now, to start with this was a simple task, just a case of using the text tool to write the word, then scaling, rotating and moving it into position over the large word. However, now I'm at a G and need to curve the word to fit into the curve of the G. I used the pen tool to build a path  (which took me ages using splines), then selected path options in the drop down menu of the relevant word and selected path 1. So the word connected itself to the path I had drawn. Great. Except the word was too small and didnt reach the end of the path. So I increased the text size but all this did was put the text on to a new line, rendering my path obsolete! I expanded the size of the text box to try and stretch it out, but this messed up my path at the same time! I just can't believe there isnt a simple method to achieve this; I assume it is a very VERY common design choice! PLEASE HELP!
      (I'm on CC BTW).
      Thanks in advance for any help!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try this:

          1. Create your large G on a separate layer
          2. Create masks from text using Layer>Create Mask From Text
          3. Reveal the mask path and set a single mask keyframe and copy
          4. Delete the mask layer or turn it off
          5. Turn on the G layer by clicking the eyeball
          6. Start a new text layer and type in your text making sure that the font height is approximately the size you need to fill the G
          7. Use the centered paragraph style, reset the position of the text and adjust the baseline shift so the baseline of the text is just above the anchor point
          8. Use the pen tool to create a mask on the new text layer by making clicking anywhere on the layer
          9. Paste and a new mask path will be created around the G
          10. Set the path options for the mask you just created
          11. Adjust the first margin, baseline shift, kerning and font size to make your text fit the inside of your G
          12. Fine tune characters with individual kerning, leading, or spacing and make small adjustments to the mask path with the pen tool to complete the design

          EZ as pie

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            Kagan89 Level 1

            Hi Rick, thanks so much for your quick response, really appreciate it. Since I posted I figured out a method that worked for what I wanted to achieve. It was as simple as applying the 'path text' effect from the effects menu, inputting my text, hitting the 'composite on origin' checkbox in the effects control panel. and adjusting accordingly. Pretty simple really! Thanks again for your reply, hopefully this post will help someone else in the future!