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    page not showing in my workspace


      Hi all,


      first post here and to be honest i'm a beginner with indesign ( i work in Indesign CS6, no clue what version tho)

      so here's the problem:


      i'm trying to make a small report for school so naturally i'd tried to test export my work into an PDF,

      i noticed i had a few blank pages in the pdf where i was sure i had content. when i went back to my indesign the workspace of those pages disappeared.

      in the page menu i can still select the missing page, although i can't see it my workspace.




      also the weird thing is; i can still find my content from that page in the layers menu:




      since i haven't got that much knowledge about Indesign i have no idea if i accidentally turned something on or off that results in indesign not showing my pages.

      i've already closed en reopened the program but it doesn't seem to do anything.


      any feedback is welcome!


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