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    Can you re-import a low quality JPEG 50% export and re-save/export it as a High Quality TIFF image for print??

    jackaroo chops

      I exported hundreds of edited product photos in the JPEG image format at 50% quality size color space adobeRGB (1998) and 300 pixels.  These product photos were for a website, and that is the format requested by the webpage maker for posting to her website.  Now the client that hired me to take photos for the website decided they wanted to print large sized prints of my photos for a convention they are going to.  The place they took my edited JPEG 50% versions said the quality is too low to blow them up large.  (Had I known he had intentions of this sooner, I would not have saved in the JPEG format.)   Can I re-import these hundreds of JPEG images into a Tiff with compression (none) and then re-export them?  Or, am I screwed and have to re-edit all of them they want to print from the RAW original camera images for the ones they want to print at a larger size? Had I known the client would end up wanting them blown up for a banner or t-shirts and posters, I would have originally saved them as a larger Tiff file size.  Please help me as I am new to lightroom!  Please give me lots of details as they are on a deadline.  I greatly appreciate it!