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    Is the Primary Viewer button working as it should?

    Mister Lortie Level 1

      So I've got this monitor I'm using as an external (with Mercury Transit enabled), and wish to display a main comp full screen while I'm working in other pre-comps. With the new "Primary viewer", I would expect it to work as mentionned in the release notes:


      You can now use the Primary Viewer button to choose an open viewer panel or view in a panel to always be used for audio and external video preview, independent of which viewer or view you are currently previewing and separate from the viewer or view with Always Preview This View enabled. This is useful, for example, when you want a particular composition to always be displayed on your external video monitor while you work in other compositions.


      So I click this button, and expect it to lock in my external monitor, but whenever I go into other comps, my external monitor goes black.

      Am I missing something here?