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    feature unlock


      I finally got around to using the Premier Elements 11 that I bought a few years ago. I installed it on my main computer, which has Windows 7 and is not connected to the internet in order to keep it from being ruined by malware. I got the unlock code from Adobe and started learning how to use it. When I tried to put a title on my 1st video a thing popped up that I needed another code to unlock the feature! Since I am not going to risk hooking it up to the internet just for that, I want to get the code for this and any other independently locked features.


      I tried going thru the online help chat and waited for over an hour and ran out of time and an email a few weeks ago has not gotten a reply.


      I understand that piracy is a major problem for software companies, but the solution of locking features within the software beyond the 'front door' lock seems like more of a hassle for users than it would be an obstacle for hackers who have already broken in. 

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The matter of unlock codes is an Adobe matter. And, this is not Adobe. Rather user to user.


          I would suggest that you contact Adobe via an active Adobe Chat opportunity.


          When you install the program with an Internet connection, program activation takes place automatically "behind the scenes". Even then, once you start working with the program, you will run into features that will require first time/one time activation. For those activations, you need to have your computer connected to the Internet.


          In your case, where you do not want to connect your computer to the Internet, I know of no way to get a "blanket unlock code" for each of these first time/one time feature activations. But, do you still have the unlock code for when you did product installation? If so, have you tried to use it when you got one of these feature issues? I am not sure if there is one unlock code for your specific program and its features or whether Adobe uses individual codes for each occasion.


          I do not know if Adobe Chat will help you since you do not have a current version and the problem can be solved using an Internet connection, but you can try the Adobe Chat contact.

          Contact Customer Care


          Please consider and let us know the outcome as your schedule permits.


          Thank you.




          Add On: Is the link that I posted for Adobe Chat the one that you used for the Adobe contact that you mentioned in your introductory details?

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            jo743937070 Level 1

            Thanks for replying, A.T.


            Maybe I'll give it a try again when I have some spare time.


            How many features require unlocking?


            My patience for computer rigamarole ran out about 2 months after getting my first computer in 1998. The entire industry is terrible at providing a properly developed product. Adobe is amongst the best companies, but they are far from perfect. I'm probably just going to get a competitor's product if this gets to be too much of a hassle.  


            I think its the same, unless there's more than 1 chat help.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              I have run into MPEG2 activation, and once one related to Timeline rendering. I have not explored all the possibilities since I work with a computer with an Internet connect so these activations are going on automatically behind the scenes. However, sometimes I catch a quick fast on off notification that a feature is being activated.


              The consideration is for an active online Adobe Chat link which has a Chat Panel and not just Ask the Community which is us (user to user). No 100% guarantees waiting it out for your turn with an active online Adobe Chat since you do not have the latest version. You have 11, latest is 13. But, worth the try.


              The following may not be of immediate interest but it is an interesting old thread that targets MPEG2 Activation and the path to related file on hard drive.

              Please refer to the following link, post 10 contributed by ID Brett 10000

              Adobe Premiere Elements 10: MPEG Activation on multiple computers


              Right now Adobe Chat or Internet connection are your likely path to get by this impasse.


              Best wishes



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                I looked at that thred. So its about paying royaties to 3rd party software licensers? What a mess!


                I tried the chat help a little while ago. Waited thru several "we are helping other customers" posts, then went away for a few minutes and there were actual posts when I got back finishing with "we haven't heard from you in a while. Bye".  


                Even adding an avatar to my account here failed. I think I'll just get some other software.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the follow up.


                  As I recall, the Chat works off exchange of immediate Q&A. You might want to try again when you have more time.


                  Best wishes for whatever your decision is - the wait for the online Chat session or go for the alternative video editor or even going on and offline as quickly as possible to get beyond any program feature activations. - whatever is in your best interests.