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    preLoadMovie for a MIAW?

    Applied CD Level 1
      I would like my main stage movie to preload content for a MIAW to shorten the startup time for the MIAW. I'm using the following code, which doesn't generate any errors but there is a short pause between the forget and open commands. I'm curious, am I really preloading the MIAW or am I just preloading the stage with content that never gets used?

      gAttractorWindow = window().new(glPlayList[gPlayListPos])

      where glPlayList is a list of director movies to be played, gPlayListPos is the index to the next movie, and gAttractorWindow has already been declared and opened by an ealier script.

      PS: I know that normally you wouldn't forget a window just to reopen it 2 lines later, but my actual project is resizing the MIAWs to fill the main stage regardless of the MIAW's original stage size. The MIAW's vary in stage size from movie to movie and my scaling doesn't seem to work unless I open the window fresh each time.