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    Masks or using other layers for alpha information? for pupils inside eye balls or mouth animations etc.

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      Setting up my character and looking through your other characters I noticed you didn't use any masks to get the illusion that the pupils and eyelids stayed inside the eyeball region. 


      Instead you used a 'eye mask cutout' type of layer over top (Like something the green lantern would wear).  It's a clever work around but it doesn't work if you have floating googling eyes.  I can live with it for now but I like to create characters with large pupils, so it poses a problem when I have large pupils and a small head.


      Are you guys looking into this or do you have a work around to prevent pupils from floating off the eyeball that I'm not seeing.


      I did figure out that the '### Eyeball' layer is your movement boundary based on the pupils origin point. So having a smaller 'Eyeball' layer to restrict the movement than a larger layer to be the actual white of the eye.  I find this better than adjusting the 'Eye gaze strength' in ch.



      Sam Keomanivong

      Art Director