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    Hypernate / dictionary / installation problem


      Our computer guy moved the entire harddrive from one computer to another. When we open Indesign now we get the message about hypernation service are not installed. We tried to re-link the dictionary but don't know if there has to be to the added.txt or exceptions.txt document. Believe that the only option we have is to reinstall Indesign? Where can I find a link for it and is there another way to get thru this problem? I hope I made myself somewhat clear about what our problem is...

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            You made clear, what your problem is. It is your computer guy.


            This way to install is not allowed. You can't migrate from backup or different computer (which is technically the same as taking the hard drive from a different computer). You have to install any Adobe Software from its original installer.

            Now you have got a mess, you should have deactivated the software on the old computer, and activate on the new one. Now it is too late.

            1. You have to uninstall it with the uninstaller.
            2. Then you have to download the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool from Adobe's website.
            3. Clean up the computer with the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool.
            4. Install it now from its original installer and install all available updates.
            5. Send you computer guy in a basic computer training for beginners, to avoid such wrong doing in the future. (Should be done before.)