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    Keyboard shortcuts in Win8/ID.CS6 with multiple monitors

    dwegowy Level 1

      When editing an Indesign document, I often use keyboard shortcuts for changing the zoom level, especially Ctrl-1 (100%), Ctrl-2 (200%), Ctrl-4 (400%) and Ctrl-0 (fit page).


      Windows 8 likes to 'eavesdrop' the first two of these shortcuts as commands to move the application to monitors 1 or 2 respectively. Indesign does apply the zoom level as commanded, but it also gets bumped between monitors.


      I've done quite a lot of searching in Windows settings and online for solutions, to no avail. I would prefer to disable the Windows monitor-switching entirely (yes, I would have liked to find an answer to this on a Windows support site, but in my experience that is all but impossible). Windows-key shortcuts are more than sufficient for moving application windows; I'm surprised there are also Ctrl-key shortcuts for this.


      Has anyone else here encountered this? Suggestions?


      Thanks in advance. Of all the online forums I've ever used, this Adobe one is by far the most useful and helpful.