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    Why doesn't Animate shortcuts and interface match After Effects?

    ColbyFulton Level 1

      Wouldn't it make sense to have the interface and keyboard shorts from After Effects (p for position, s for scale, t for transparency etc) match those in Animate? Why make Adobe users remember two different interfaces for animation? It's just silly.

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          dezinewiz Level 1

          That is an excellent question!


          I have over 25 years of experience with this stuff, and it seems that you are lucky if frequent keyboard shortcuts transfer from one program to the next.


          I think that each program team exists in their own little cave, and never shall any of them meet.  Also, buying programs from other places, and doing one's

          best to update them in the "Adobe" image I am sure hasn't helped matters.


          Here's my suggestion:


          Develop a team for keyboard shortcuts.  This team would integrate with all the others, to make sure that they remain consistent across the board.


          This has boggled my mind for a very long time.


          C'est la. 


          I have had to put on my "InDesign" hat, and do my best to forget that Illustrator and Photoshop exist, while using InDesign.


          Sucks, but, that's the Adobe world that we live in.


          And, a simple update such as this would, over the years, save hours of workflow time.