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    Creative Cloud Update BROKEN


      I now have creative could update telling me I have updates for creative cloud programs I don't have. ADOBE is so broken!!!!!


      I have Dreamweaver & PS CS6 --- so now each day I get told "we have new updates for you" please download and install Photoshop and Dreamweaver CC 2015, and oh yes install that PS CC 2014 too.



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          Atul_Saini Adobe Employee

          Marc, do you have Creative Cloud installed?

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            cossackrock Level 1

            I have the creative cloud desktop app installed and had to do a fresh instal of that after it would not update. I currently have the "A" icon in my title bar showing two updates available. I removed the auto update app from the menu bar and from loading automatically at startup as it has given me an error message each time I open my laptop that it can't connect. My MacBook Pro like many laptops starts up the wifi when opened and the CC desktop app has dealt with the slight wifi delay for over a year without bothering me. Now it  gives me an error message each time the laptop is opened. So I removed the annoying thing and launch it for updates when needed. This morning I got a notification that I had 5 updates available. The menu bar show 2 updates available and I have only 1 update available for Muse. And that one is  a pain because each time you update it throws away the FTP credentials for its site upload access so I need to re-enter passwords for every website I manage every Muse update.


            The only program I currently subscribe to is Adobe Muse. So my creative cloud subscriptions are limited to that program. I still use Photoshop CS6 and Dreamweaver CS6 and do not use the CC versions of that program and have not subscribed to those versions.

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              Atul_Saini Adobe Employee

              Marc, kindly try to close all the Adobe's notifier services from the Activity Monitor, lets see if it helps.

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                cossackrock Level 1

                Please translate... I can find no activity monitor anywhere in cc desktop app... do you mean turn off notifications from adobe can in the mac preferences notification module? WHERE? And will I still get notified of Muse updates?

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                  Atul_Saini Adobe Employee

                  Please close the below mentioned services from Activity Monitor.


                  1. AAM Update Notifier
                  2. Adobe Acrobat Update service

                  You may refer: Activity Monitor: Quit a process

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                    cossackrock Level 1



                    Did that. Closed AAM Update Notifier. Adobe Acrobat Update service wasn’t running.


                    I opened the CC desktop app and its still showing the same errors. To updated to apps I don’t have...


                    WHAT NOW?


                    Marc Sterling

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                      cossackrock Level 1

                      Nothing has changed at all. Except more of my time chasing bugs created by Adobe. And support for this programs errors - not so good, in fact non existent. What a royal waste if time....

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                        Atul_Saini Adobe Employee

                        Marc, please respond to the Private Message that I have sent to you, so that we can assist you appropriately.



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                          cossackrock Level 1

                          It is getting worse! After a Mac restart, launching the CC desktop app now just spins its busy icon and never does anything at all, much less connect. The nice adobe icon is back in my menu bar with half of the icon not showing. This is just a sick joke! Search the web for CC desktop errors and thousands of users can't get it to update (me too). MESSED UP SOFTWARE!!!!! A total waste of users time.

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                            cossackrock Level 1



                            I waited until 1:45pm for your call that was scheduled at 1:30pm. I see you called back at 2:27pm…


                            I would guess you are very busy with tech problems with this horrid piece of crud update to Adobe desktop.


                            May I officially say this is Adobe’s problem, not mine and I am quite sick of spending time trying to fix this broken piece of crud.


                            Let me share some of your requested time wasting.


                            Yes, the latest bug and one which hundreds of users are now experiencing was the spinning icon where adobe desktop never loads. By following the complaints from other users I finally found a Adobe page on how to fix it. I have learned to distrust your official fixes after having been run through several scenarios  that were a waste of time, later finding the problem myself and recognizing that the solutions put forth from Adobe seemed to have no idea what was causing the problem.


                            Yes but on to the official checklist for USERS TO DO TO FIX ADOBES PROBLEM at: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/creative-cloud-app-doesnt-open.html


                            Download the adobe desktop uninstaller than reinstall Desktop CC then restart — did that the last time it was broken. NO SOLUTION.


                            I also stopped a process via the Activity Monitor as requested by the previous tech support person. NO HELP!


                            Then the app started its spinning ball and failed to start. Damn I’m so glad I got the new version.


                            So I skipped doing the same update procedure indicated as I had done it all.


                            I went to the library/application support/adobe /the lovely cryptic folder name holding the database, and removed it as requested. (I saved the data in a folder on the desktop). Then relaunched adobe desktop so it could rebuild the database.


                            It didn’t. It spun and spun and spun and spun and rebuilt 2 of the many files. Then I had to leave and do something productive. OH LOOK IT WONT QUIT! AND IT DOESNT SHOW UP IN THE “FORCE QUIT APPLICATION” BOX EITHER SO I CAN’T STOP IT THERE.


                            So I opened the Activity monitor and saw a nice red adobe process that was locked up and stopped it. Not your usual user activity is it?


                            Then I launched the official waste of time app again and this time it asked for my login data. I so love finding my username and password again so I did that and logged in and it started rebuilding the database files like it was supposed to.


                            I left for lunch, having stayed home and waited for your call until 1:45pm.


                            When I returned, the app once again worked and was again back to the broken state that started all the tech problems.


                            LET ME REPEAT THEM AGAIN!!!!!


                            It says UPDATE your Photoshop CC 2015

                            It says UPDATE your Dreamweaver CC 2015




                            I have Dreamweaver CS6 which is such a clunker and outdated that I decided NOT TO GET THE NEWEST CC VERSION and I own Photoshop CS6.


                            THIS WAS THE PROBLEM I STARTED WITH and because I just rebuilt the database file it would seem this failure to recognize what programs I own and need updating comes from ADOBE and not me.


                            QUIT WASTING THE USERS TIME!!!!


                            I do use one CC program, MUSE which throws away the FTP credentials every time I update it. I did the whole who-haaa of tech support suggestions back when that first happened and they were a waste of time because nobody noticed that when you resave each project file, so that you still had the last version as a backup, that it tossed the FTP credentials. And you have no choice but to resave because when you upgrade MUSE CC it makes you resave the file. NO ONE EVER FIXED THAT PROBLEM.


                            So please if you want to help, GIVE ME A LINK TO UPDATE MY MUSE…so I can avoid Adobe desktop until Adobe takes responsibility for that clunker. And boy do I look forward to finding and reentering the user names and passwords for each site because of your update bug.


                            And then quit wasting the users time fixing problems in your own software!!!!


                            ADOBE DESKTOP CC is a load of badly written, untested crap…!


                            Please let use lowly users know when you have a version that works!


                            Marc Sterling