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    CC Libraries - "Cannot link to an InDesign Snippet file"


      The Background:

      I am trying to store our employees' professional headshots in a CC Library. I placed each image (JPEG) into an empty InDesign document, then dragged each image to the CC Library I created, and named each file accordingly.


      The Problem:

      In my final document, I dragged one of the aforementioned images to the artboard and placed it. Instead of linking to the CC Library file, the Links panel shows that it is still linked to the local file on my computer. I selected the file in the Links panel and chose "Re-link


      Cannot link to an InDesign Snippet file. Continuing will replace the existing asset on the layout with the InDesign Snippet file.


      I clicked "Continue" but nothing happened. The file looks exactly the same and is still showing up as linked to the original file on my computer, not to the CC Library version of the file.


      The Question:

      What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug? Thanks in advance.