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    punctuation problem while prefs set to East Asia

    davemoz Level 1

      I posted this problem here, but no one has been able to help, and I was encouraged to post in this forum.


      Long story short, my PS Type Preferences settings are set to the usual "East Asia", but when I type something like "Something here:" the ":" gets added to the front of the line, like so: ":Something here". When I type any character or number after the ":", everything moves back to where it should be (ie. "Something here:7"). A *space* after ":" doesn't fix it unless I also type a character/number after the *space*.


      So, I can't end a line with any punctuation without another character following it at some point. So far none of these work, plus any others I'm sure: : ( ) " ? , .


      This first started happening "randomly" in PS CS6 on my old laptop, and then just started happening on my brand new laptop in PS CC. The only thing I can think might be the problem is that I'm working in a copy of a template file I downloaded online. Maybe the user who created it had some weird, foreign type settings applied to the file? Although, this wasn't happening when I first started working in the file, only recently. Either way, I don't know where to start with changing file-specific type settings, if any exist.


      Any ideas?