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    Changed computer, where to put my new license


      So I got a new pc wooh.. So I wanted to have my license on my new one obviously. I'm a student so I bought it on a different site than adobe.

      I downloaded CC and I didn't even got the chance to put a license code, when it was done I could only download trial versions..

      I thought my license was over which would be weird since I bought last year in August or September and it's still June.

      I got a code including numbers and letters, I tried it on the adobe website and it did not work because it only allowed numbers.

      So I got back to CC again, I clicked on help and it told me you can only put a license code while logging in... Then how do I log out..


      I wasted 120 euro actually 40 euro's that's ridiculous why is it so hard to just sync with your old license. I don't even see my old license which is still active when I log in the adobe website.


      I'm really annoyed and I just want to fix it. I really need it for school and future work.