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    Are there any IE11 and Chrome fixes for RoboHelp 10 for Word? TOC, Index, and Search do not function as designed in WebHelp..




      The IE11 and Chrome fixes on Adobe's web site instruct you to put their new files in the RoboHTML templates_stock folder. However, I need these fixes for RoboHelp for Word. Is there such a fix?



      I am using RoboHelp 10 for Word, generating WebHelp.


      I'm trying to fix the issues regarding TOC, Index, and Search either not appearing or not being completely functional in IE11 or Chrome, both of which many of our customers use. I have found a couple of workarounds that my boss does not like.

      • In IE11, if the end-user adds the web site to the Compatibility View list, they all appear and work correctly, but my boss is adamant about not wanting the end-user to have to do anything to fix the issue.
      • In Chrome, I can get a TOC and a non-functional search to appear if the end-user disables JavaScript for the site, but this solution also breaks the See Also lists in the help. Again, my boss does not want the end-user to have to do that.


      Her solution is just to generate it using the Pure HTML option, but then the search won't work in either IE11 or Chrome (I'm not sure about Firefox). I rely heavily on search when I'm working on the product, so I really don't want to lose the search function.


      Please help.