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    .mxf files not working in Premiere Pro CC 2015


      I have tried numerous times to bring in .mxf files into 2015 and the program freezes at the import saying not responding. I have tried media encoder with the same result. I would have kept 2014 if I knew I was not going to be able to get my work accomplished that's due today. Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated in this matter. Thank you

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          rbrimson Level 1

          I have the same problem with our Canon cameras. when I imported from the flash card they all duplicated? So in Premiere they all had different file names but the video was the same? I really dont know what is going on. anyway the only solution I could find (i was running out of time to find a proper fix) was to use a third party encoder (not Media encoder, that didn't work) and change them into mp4 so then I could import into Premiere with no problems. Trouble is this is a step I really dont want to take as it takes up more effin time. Why cant Premiere CC 2015 import MXF files directly? I didnt have any problems with previous versions. I cant go back.....Please fix!!! URGENT!!